More teamwork by sharing information

Until a few years ago CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was n unfamiliar concept to many SMEs. Relationship management or sales management was not done in an automated way. It was limited to maintain - or should we say "negligible"? - Excel spreadsheets, paper folders and a basic database.

Competitive market
The pressure on companies increases. It has to be quicker and better. If you lose the overview, you lose points with your existing clientele and gets it harder to convince new customers.

CRM brings together all customer information in a central database and synchronizes overlapping information in different databases. That way, your company keeps overview on its customers. CRM enables a focus on the contacts with your clients first and optimizes.

Collaboration across the company
Your employees know at a glance who they are dealing with. And conversely, your customers will always have contact with an employee who is aware of past actions. If you put customer information available across the branches, it will increase collaboration within your company.

Example? The accounting department is to chase unpaid bills and notes in the CRM program that tenders are being output for new products or services. Then it becomes time to act. Also sales and Marketing collaboriation is strengthened. An up-to-date client base allows to align and send specific focuses communication. And when a customer orders something, the administrative and operational mill is also lubricated with a sophisticated CRM system.