Document management

Collecting important documents

You do not have to look on different locations, different mailboxes, drawers, different servers or PC's. All you do is upload all your documents into BlueCRM, linked to your contacts or stored in the central archive. You gain a lot of time and do not forget you have access from all over the world.

Finding Documents

While you have your customer on the line, you can quickly find your document due to a powerful search engine. You can as well use your tablet or smartphone for this.

Documents you wish to keep:
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • RMA notes (returned material)
  • Letters
  • Information brochures
  • Photo’s and drawings
  • commercial movies
  • ...

As you can see, with BlueCRM you get a multipurpose application, allowing you to communicate with your customers in a professional way. Contact us.