Tender management

In the early stages of your sales process, you collect all data in your CRM program: the contact data, commercial mailing, minutes of prospect meetings and of course the outgoing tenders.

Tender follow up

It does not stop at the point where you send your tenders to the customer. This is were a lot of enterprises are making mistakes. A CRM progam will help you with this. In BlueCRM, tenders are linked to a customer. Those tenders can be consulted by all your colleagues even when the order is places you can still check your history of tenders.

Learn from your previous tenders

For what reasons are some tenders not accepted? These answers will help you to improve the spreading of your commercial message, to adjust your offer to make it more convincing.

Tender management with BlueCRM


  • Define a task for the follow up of each tender
  • Central management of all tenders
  • Set Status: accepted, undecisive, ... and note the reason why