BlueCRM-Automation (ERP)

BlueCRM-Automation brings, beside all CRM functionality also ERP functionality to your business. The integrated ERP Solution helps to improve productivity and cut costs.
With the document control, the product tracking (lot-numbers) and the warehouse management your manufacturing process will shift into a higher gear.
Not only will it be more efficient to collect your data but it will also be much easier for you to analyze your centralized data.
BlueCRM works in the cloud. That means there are no expensive setup costs, no maintenance, your team can work from any device with an internet connection smartphone, tablet or laptop.
The shop floor activities will be seamlessly linked to the other departments , starting from the purchase department up to the sales team. Give your sales team the product- and customer data to allow a personalized customer service.
The keywords real-time and centralized are most important to describe BlueCRM-Automation.

Above all, BlueCRM-Automation is customised for every client, not only the own company jargon is used in the input forms but your own business process will be reflected in the system. Whether you have a large organization where explicit approval cycles are mandatory with extended user profiles or you have a smaller company with a more implicit business process, we will make the right fit for you.

BlueCRM-AUTOMATION is cost friendly, due to our cloud architecture, and lets you grow your business at your own rate. The benefits are many, you do not need a data-center with costly infrastructure (servers, data backup systems, etc...) still all of your data is available in real-time and reliably.
Let's split the job, you put the Focus on your business, we will focus on maintaining software functionality and upgrades, and a reliable hardware platform in the cloud.

Curious about the functioning of BlueCRM-Automation? We will gladly visit to demonstrate. Contact us.