Contact database

Where are the contact details of your customers now?

  • Collection of several Excel-lists which you cannot update simultanously?
  • In your Outlook or in the Outlook from your colleague, or from yet another colleague?
  • Or do you still work with your collection of business cards?
  • Maybe you collect your customer list in your invoicing system that nobody else in the company can access?
That could be better!

Central management of your contacts.

In order to work efficiently as a modern company, your employees should have access to a central system in the cloud with all the contact details of your customers and prospects. As such they can easily add new contacts which are immediately visible for the whole company.

A new employee will immediatly find his way. And you need not be afraid when a representative runs away with 'his' contacts.

Contact database in BlueCRM

BlueCRM is an online application that anyone can use with the correct login information. All you need is an Internet connection. So even on a business trip to the other side of the world, you get access to your customer data. With your smartphone or iPad you can quickly find the phone number of a customer.

In trendy terms it is called 'cloud CRM' or 'CRM in the cloud', but don't worry about this. Also don't worry about the reliability of our online CRM. Our super-fast servers are constantly backed up in multiple locations, so that no data is lost.

User friendliness has priority. After a short training all employees can get to work with it.

Specific advantages of BlueCRM

  • smart search mechanism showing you quickly your contact information
  • we have an extended list of features for user profiles
  • consistent input of telephone numbers and contact data
  • support for several languages: Dutch, French, English and German

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