More overview, better tracking, stronger customer relationships.

A versatile application for
professional customer management.

Working on computer, tablet or smartphone!

Online CRM for SMEs

Do you want to efficiently manage customer data, meetings, phone calls, emails and track quotes, direct communication to customers and prospects? All of this without breaking the bank? BlueCRM is the CRM and ERP package your are looking for, for Windows and Mac, for computer, tablet and smartphone. BlueCRM is scalable and can grow as your enterprise grows.
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BlueCRM-Automation is an extension to the basic CRM-functionality. It emphasizes on ERP functions to enable you to manage your tenders, purchases, stock and sales. Many enterprises struggle with the follow up of these processes, but with BlueCRM we give you quickly nice overviews of the actual situation. As such you get more free time to spend on your customer relations.
In addition, with BlueCRM-Automation we make your enterprise ready for the future of the Internet Of Things(IoT). IoT is allowing you to do a big cost saving by upload in real-time your data without intervention of personnel.
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Contact database

All your customer data organized together. Quickly found and totaly intuitive to complement.

Contact history

What was when said when and/or written by whom: all tracked by BlueCRM.

Action plan

Task reminder. Work together effectively to maximize customer satisfaction.

Tender management

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts through consistent monitoring of your tenders.

Document management

Important documents can be found quickly and easily. Anywhere and from any device.

Marketing mail

Save time when creating mailing lists and gain insight into your customer database.

Product flow

Get an easy overview of the sales cycle from purchase to delivery to the customer.

Stock management

Have a clear view of the stocks on the basis of article number and barcode number, in multiple warehouses.

Internet of Things(IoT)

Quickly and easily manage your business through the use of real-time data.


Clear management reports based on multiple criteria for many subjects.