Action plan

What is my set of actions waiting for me? And what did others put in my to-do list? Some email here, some talking along the aisle and in between some other dont-forget note on a post-it during a phone call… This way of organising yourself can clearly be bettter, much more efficient, since you risk losing one of your actions out of sight and at the same time you are jeapardizing the good relations with your customers (and colleagues).

Good for business that action overview

BlueCRM provides an overview of the open actions for specific customers. Communicating about these with your customer gives him confidence that you are tackling projects well. This global overview of tasks is also a ideal means to plan the day and priorities.

How does BlueCRM helps you and the business forward?

  • Easily create tasks and link them to a customer
  • Tasks assignment to one or more employees
  • Monitoring tasks and deadlines
  • All tasks visible to your employees linked to particular customers
  • BlueCRM is a tool for managers to keep track and to intervene where necessary

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