Contact history

When have you been contacted by one of your business relations? Do you still remember what it was all about?... and did your contact talk about more personal non-business issues, hobby’s or favorite soccer team? Well, your contact will surely appreciate it if you still 'remember' these things during your next meeting.

Keep track of your customer information

BlueCRM will become your external memory on all your business relations. After a meeting, a telephone call or a e-mail, just put some short notes on the notes-tab of your contact. When preparing for a next meeting you can quicky review what you or a collegue did put down in the notes-tab of your contact.

Action oriented segmentation of you customers

Moreover, it is very easy to compile a list of customers that you have contacted long ago. As such you can awaken dormant customers and create new opportunities.

Targetted communication

You can easily start an e-mail marketing campaign by sending information to your customers, based on their specific interests, to inform them on the market trends or on new products. In the contact history it will be clearly marked which communication was send to which customer. Only the limits of your imagination are limitting your targetted communication which contribute to your professional touch.

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