Privacy Policy - Wozik

The Wozik application is compliant with the GDPR privacy regulations of the European Union.

Which data are collected

Wozik collects the following information for the duration of one app-session:

  • Data related to the user’s device:
    • Precise location (longitude, latitude)
    • Pressure, altitude
    • Compass value, device orientation
    • Language and preferred text size
  • Bluetooth is used to detect nearby radio beacons

How we collect data

When the user launches the app, a random anonymous user id is generated automatically for the duration of one app-session.

During the use of the app, data are collected automatically via the built-in features of the user’s device (if available). Detection of Wozik beacons is done through background scanning for peripherals.

How we use collected data

The data are used to give users detailed information about their current location, in the supported languages. This can include e.g. short textual information, links to external websites (e.g. tourism, public transport), multimedia (photos, video).

Data retention and deletion

All collected user data is kept for only one app session. The only purpose is to be able to find the relevant data for the user. Once the requested data is sent to the user, all user data is deleted.

Third parties

Collected data is not shared with third parties.