Open source CRM: pros and cons

Open source CRM ... it looks very attractive. Mainly because of the price (free), but there are also dangers.

Pros of open source CRM
The big advantage of open source software is that it is available for free. As open source software can rekindle the enthusiasm of many developers, it can guarantee comprehensive security testing and many features and links. If you are willing, you can do some add-on programming yourself based on an existing CRM application.

Cons of open source CRM
For problems or questions you are often alone. It is not clear who to turn to. One developer pushes the problem to a module from another developer. Or the developer is no longer actively involved in the open source project. You cannot put anyone responsible, because developers are working in their free time.                             Because various parties do the code works, it can jeopardise the quality of the code and compromise the objective of the CRM. More and more functionalities and modules often lead to overloaded interfaces that only techies are happy.

Why we did not choose for open source
BlueCRM has chosen not to be available as open source CRM software. The code of the software is in other words not publicly available. This does not mean that your data is locked up in a black box. First, we make it possible to exchange data with other applications, such as ERP or accounting software. Second, you can ask an export of your data at the end of the subscription. Eventually it remains your customer and project data.

Not free but affordable
Open source is free and the rest is priceless? Certainly not. We developed BlueCRM as an affordable CRM application for SMEs: the common denominator of what they need. If the software must be extended or coupled with other applications, you can rely on our developers.

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